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Attraction アトラクション企画制作



Another way that we work with amusement parks is the development of their eating facilities. We design, construct and decorate the interiors of restaurants and shops inside amusement parks.

Recently, we developed the public bath section of the "Chinese Kappo Ryokan Kikusui-tei" resort facility, situated right next to Seibu Amusement Park. We were also chosen to create advertisement materials to feature the Sayama-cha (Sayama tea) Bath we created for the client.


我们打造了与西武园游乐场相邻的休闲设施“掬水亭烹饪旅馆 ”的大浴场,以及当地特有的“狭山茶澡堂”,同时还担任了以这一计划为特色的广告制作工作。